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Specifically, I'm a Brooklyn-based freelancer, and frequently cover topics relating to media, culture, and tech (at times via @warmlyburns). I also host The Toke, a cannabis news and policy podcast.

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Still sofa elvie pelvic exercise psfk article

Bored With Kegels? A Device's Got Your Pelvic Floor (and Sex Life) Covered

Elvie offers a fun, connected workout, but raises awareness about an oft-overlooked area of women's health, too

Thync7 article

PSFK Tried Out Thync, A Neuro-Stimulative Wearable

PSFK Tried Out Thync, A Neuro-Stimulative Wearable

Rewalkers val john claire london uk article

FDA Approves First Motorized Exoskeleton For Personal Use - PSFK

ReWalk system will offer rehabilitation and higher quality of life for US paraplegics....

Ebay ipad app article

Dave Lippman, eBay's Creative Director, Shares His Secrets

Dave Lippman, eBay's Creative Director, Shares His ...

Barista9 article

Robot Barista Heralds Human-Android Utopia, Serves Coffee - PSFK

Robotic barista serves coffees on demand at #Japan #Robot Week...

Burning3 article

Burning Man: Desert Land Of Misfit Tech - PSFK

Festival known for dust-blown 'roughing it' now playing host to the art, entrepreneurs, and royalty of high tech...

Alfred2 article

Award-Winning App Promises Butlers for All - PSFK

The sharing economy's newest asset may be automatic, all-around, in-home service on a budget...

Masdar1 article

Futuristic Eco-City Masdar Keeps Rising, Right On (a New) Schedule - PSFK

Despite setbacks, Abu Dhabi's hyperstructure continues climbing above the desert....

Happy royal family in denmark article

Possible Link Between Danish Happiness and DNA - PSFK

A new study suggests a potential link between Denmark's genetic makeup and life satisfaction...

Juggler5 article

Help Build This 70ft Car-Juggling Robot - PSFK

Former NASA engineer using Kickstarter campaign to fund the BugJuggler...

Bone4 article

Biodegradable Sponge Supports Bone Regrowth - PSFK

Engineers and researchers create sponge-like material that supports bone regrowth...

Afp photo mcdonald s maccas australia article

McDonald's Testing Delivery in Australia - PSFK

@McDonalds is testing McDelivery in Australia...

Jr6 article

Secure Your Home With an Autonomous, Wheel-Shaped Robot - PSFK

Nanny cams and home security guards may fall by the wayside in 2016 when this gadget hits the market...

Printed4 article

Military May 3D Print its Grub - PSFK

Armed Forces engineers are exploring the culinary and nutritional possibilities of 3D printers...

Pet1 article

Launch Your Pet's Remains into Space - PSFK

Rocket your pet's remains into the sky...