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Specifically, I'm a Brooklyn-based freelancer, and frequently cover topics relating to media, culture, and tech (at times via @warmlyburns).

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Face article

Stalking App 'Facezam' Parodies Privacy Woes, But Not Everyone Is Laughing

Its promise to find Facebook accounts with just a snapshot was fake, but the fears underlying this marketing ploy for women and other groups have proven quite real.

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GOP Plan Strips Addiction, Mental Health Coverage For Millions As Opioid Deaths Soar

Experts worry the proposed American Health Care Act could cut off addiction and mental health support for millions who need it most.

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Paging Dr. Spicer: Cannabis Could Help Fight Opioid Abuse And Save Us Billions, Actually

According to research, the plant has the potential to curb addiction and save lives, but also to save taxpayers billions (if not drug companies).

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FCC To Big Telecom: Please Activate The FM Radios You're Putting In Our Phones

The agency wants to expand access and awareness toward free content and features phones could already offer for when data is low or networks are down, but which manufacturers often keep quiet.

Poor1 %281%29 article

Research Shows Rich People Don't Really Notice The Rest Of Us

Studies suggest that people-watching is one pastime, at least, that money just can't buy.

Doctor2 article

On National Women Physicians Day, A Reminder That Women Save More Lives For Less Pay

Women have been practicing (licensed) medicine and working against pay disparity since 1849, but today's hearty wage gap is starting to widen again.

Iodine3 article

'Iodine' Pools Thousands Of Reviews To Help End The Pain Of Finding Medication

The free platform let users compare the actual experience of taking different medications, from side effects and cost to availability and convenience.

Bcp1 article

Birth-Control Repeal May Cost Women $1.4B A Year In Copays (For Starters)

The mandate helped drop Americans' out-of-pocket expenses by 63% and likely saved the government billions each year on behalf of 'the fairer sex.'

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My Migraine Meds Cost $40,000 a Year, and We've Known About This Drug for Millennia

I wondered how a raw substance with an import price of around $0.97 per mg could manage an 11,600% markup.

Juno2 article

A New Ride-Hail App Is Disrupting The Industry By Treating Drivers Like People

The NYC-based startup wants to keep both customers and drivers happy by putting the interests of its employees of front.

Wevibe2 article

The 'Spying Vibrator' Suit Is Over, But Sex Toys Are Still Talking Data

WeVibe faced claims its connected vibrators were dishing info, but theirs isn't the only talkative toy in town.

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It's 'Thanks, Birth Control' Day, And Women Are Choosing To Celebrate

Across social media, women are taking the time to say #ThxBirthControl, and to share their very positive, personal experiences.

Dutch1 article

Dutch Give $10.7M To Fund Women's Global Health After Trump Imperils It

Dutch government has made its stance on human rights unmistakable with the launch of an international 'She Decides' healthcare fund, and other nations are heeding the call.

Pot1 article

Vast Review Of Cannabis Research Finds Medical, Legal Answers ...

An expert survey of cannabis studies to date found there's lots to learn about the multibillion-dollar plant, plus a few topics we can consider spent.

Kit4 article

It's Official: Testing Rape Kits Prevents Assault And Saves Everybody Millions

An Ohio team found "tremendous return on investment" for both victims and communities.